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August 20, 2007


And Miles To Go....

you have been very lucky in your life--wow #3 is miracle territory!! What a great post!

Antique Mommy

He is adorable!

Texas T-bone

The best "what ifs" are the ones you don't really want to know the answers to. Life is good!


To me, luck is an idea of chance happenings. If you believe God orchestrated those special events in your life, it's ok to give Him full credit :) With God, there is no 'luck'

Misty Dawn

What a beautiful post! I have to agree - there is no 'luck' involved here, this is truly God's intervention. Discovering your son's illness is absolutely a miracle! I am so thankful that you shared this with us!


Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Hey, I was adopted too!


Yes, you are indeed a lucky girl!

Your son is so precious! That smile is contagious and he will be a heartbreaker in a few years!


I agree - God knows everything before it is clear to us! Your son is just precious! I'm sure he feels like one lucky little boy to have a mom like you!

Mom Knows Everything

You made me cry! What a wonderful post.


What wonderful stories! Al the "if not"'s in life are mind-boggling, aren't they?


What a great list! Your son is adorable, and knowing the miracle he is, I bet you appreciate him even more - if that's possible.

Cariboo Ponderer

Certainly not luck. God had his hand in that for sure


Luck plays a part in many peoples lives. Good post for this meme. Your son is so cute and I'm glad he's happy :)

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